changes-nature-autumn-16323949Hi Readers,

I need to apologize for not blogging in such a long time. As many of you know, I’ve been working on a new novel, and have done a bit of marketing in hopes of gaining some pre-publicity for it.

Well, some really good things have happened as a result. A bunch of you helped out with my Pubslush campaign, and I can’t thank you enough for that. The campaign was successful, and I’m hoping to use the money raised to fund some PR when the book comes out. Thank you again for any and all help you provided with that.

Also, I’ve signed a contract with a Seattle-based publisher called Booktrope. Booktrope is a whole new concept in book publishing: it’s a small press that empowers its authors to choose a team of people to work with them (an editor, a proofreader, a designer, and a book manager/marketing person). The author doesn’t need to pay Booktrope any money up front; instead, each person on the team is paid a percentage of profits when the book sells. This, in my opinion, is a super smart idea, because everyone on the team has a very strong incentive to do their best work.

I’m so excited about this new turn my writing life has taken, and I hope you’ll come along with me on the journey. One thing I’ve been advised to do is start an official author website, and this blog ( will eventually be integrated into that site. It’s all under construction now, but you can get a little taste of it over at And perhaps you’ll consider following me there too. I promise to do my best to update it regularly with fresh content and news as it becomes available.


Why Contribute to My Crowd Funding Campaign?

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Dear Readers,

I’ve read so much about crowd funding over the past couple of weeks that I’m almost afraid to write another word on the topic. However, after informing many friends about my current Pubslush campaign (which will end this Friday, Oct, 25th around noon, EST) many have asked, “What exactly is crowd funding?”

So briefly, it’s a way for artists to attain some funds to help with the expenses involved in launching a new project. People who donate get some sort of prize, bragging rights (they get to tell their friends they supported something they believe in) and the knowledge that they made a difference in the art world.

My new novel (called GRUNGE) is a story about a lonely bulimic woman who believes she’s destined to share her life with a rock icon. And although it’s completely fictional, the bulimia stuff is close to my heart, as I was bulimic for over fifteen years. GRUNGE is often a dark and gritty story, but I believe it may offer some hope for people suffering from eating disorders.

Unfortunately, effectively marketing a new novel can be very expensive, and after spending most of my writing funds on LIVING BY EAR, I’m trying to figure out how to best launch GRUNGE. Any help you can provide–whether that be financial assistance or helping me spread the word about GRUNGE–would be greatly appreciated. Here’s the link to the campaign again:

Thank you!


Final Two Days to Get a Limited Edition GRUNGE Tank Top

Hi people,

Sorry for all the promotion lately. I promise to get back to real blogging soon, but I’ve been busy tweaking GRUNGE and also working on a first draft of a brand new novel about the friendship between a twenty-something woman and her neighbor, an aging male ham radio operator. Not to mention that family life has been pretty crazy lately too.

Oh yes, and I’m also trying to promote my Pubslush campaign for GRUNGE, which I hope will help me market it well when I publish it in January. So here’s a new offer: if you donate $30 to the Pubslush campaign today or tomorrow (October 8 or 9, 2013), I’ll send you a really cool, limited edition black tank top with the GRUNGE logo on the front.

The tank tops are also available a bit more cheaply on Teespring, and I’ll be forever grateful if you get one either way. Thank you so much!


In Support of GRUNGE Pubslush Campaign, LIVING BY EAR is Free All Weekend

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Well, the title pretty much sums it up! I’m running a Pubslush campaign (like Kickstarter for books) to promote and raise some funds for my new novel GRUNGE, which I hope to release in January.

So for people who haven’t read my first book, LIVING BY EAR, it’s free for download all weekend (October 5 & 6, 2013) on Amazon. Just click here.

And if you’re inspired to go check out the Pubslush campaign, please click here. GRUNGE is a dark story about love, guilt, bulimia, and rock & roll.

Thanks all!


Thank You! GRUNGE Pubslush Campaign is Rocking

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Thank you to all who have visited the Pubslush campaign for GRUNGE, a novel I hope to publish in January. Whether you’ve read the excerpt, watched the video, checked out the images, made a financial contribution, or spread the word about the campaign to your friends, you have helped me tremendously.

And if you haven’t been on the page yet, there’s still time, as the campaign runs until October 24th.

Thank you!!!

GRUNGE is Featured on Front Page of Pubslush Today

I use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker because even inadvertent stealing is still stealing.

Picture 8

Pubslush is a crowd funding platform like Kickstarter, but it’s exclusively for books, and I’ve recently launched a campaign on the site to help defer the costs of publishing a new novel called GRUNGE.

If you liked my first novel, LIVING BY EAR, I’m guessing you’ll like GRUNGE as well, although it’s a bit darker and heavier. But that’s a good thing, right? I hope it’s a sign that I’m growing as a novelist.

I’m also risking a bit more in GRUNGE, as the main character is bulimic, as I once was. That’s something I used to keep secret, but I now realize that the first step in curing eating disorders is talking about them. So I was pretty honest in GRUNGE. Eating disorders are ugly things that paralyze and sometimes even kill people, and it’s my hope that GRUNGE can make some small difference in the life of at least one person suffering from anorexia or bulimia.

But enough of that! Please check out my campaign at, or go to the main Pubslush page ( on October 2, 2013 to read an excerpt. And if you feel inspired to contribute to the effort–I’m offering some fun prizes–I’ll be forever grateful!!


PS: one other way to help out is to purchase a limited edition GRUNGE t-shirt at:

GRUNGE Pubslush Campaign is LIVE!!

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Hi Readers!

I’m so excited to tell you that I’ve launched a Pubslush campaign for my new novel, GRUNGE, which I hope to release in January.

GRUNGE is a dark tale of love, guilt, bulimia and rock & roll, and Pubslush is like Kickstarter–but only for books. There’s a whole lot more information about the book on the Pubslush page–including images, an excerpt, and a video–so please check it out if you have a minute.

Technically, this is a crowdfunding project and I’d love to raise some funds, but it’s even more important for me to get the word out to people who wouldn’t otherwise hear about GRUNGE. So if you’d consider sharing this link with your friends on social media, I’d be most grateful!

I should also add that ten percent of all funds raised on this project will be donated to the Pubslush Fund, which gives books to children who don’t have access to literature.

Thanks so much, and thanks for spreading the word!!